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DIY : Change standard Perodua Kelisa front bodypart to Daihatsu Mira L700

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Yes, this weekend activities of a bankcruptcy of me. Hehehe .. since I have planned next month budjet and confirm to take this bodypart to do painting job next weekend, so i put back the Mira L7 TR bodypart back .. Alhamdulillah.

Alright, to those who doesn’t know what is a bodypart, Perodua Kelisa have a sibling leave in Japan, it called Daihatsu Mira L700 Cuore or Mira Gino. Since that bodypart have been imported to Malaysia and all JDM modders out there will definitely convert it to this model.

deanz Mira Gino D-sport with carbon fiber bonnet and rare dsport grill. powered by K3-VET.

Mira L700 Family have also several models from the cheap Injection (oppss .. sorry those injection lover, but the coolness and rareness of Injection Chrome grill is still the best !!) to the full accessory Mira Gino Minilite. and I have already used L701 Senyum model since 2006. Now, upgrade the front bodypart to Mira L7 TR turbo.

last time L7 Senyum. sold this bodypart already.

Back to the topic, now I will show you the DIY of changing the bodypart. The requirements are … jeng jeng jeng .. A toolbox, a 10″ spanner , T size 10″ (all the nuts size are 10″), screwdriver, power of a man ( u may need some other friends if you are a gay. kekeke. but 2 people is prefered), etc

the equipments.

the thing

OK, next , open your hood, you will find 4 nuts at the hinge( in BM : ENGSEL ).. 2 at right and other 2 at left. If u are a nut, then no need to read more about this post, just skip and read other, this post is not for you. ( if u are a male and don’t understand what I’m talking about, you are a gay) .. OK, just loosen all the nuts by your equipment, i don’t care what tools u are using ,as long as u can loose the nuts, then it’s fine. (hint : do not just open the nuts one by one, loose all 4 nuts together). Where’s the picture? ok i will add later.

After you take off your hood, now you must open the bumper. you can see 4 nuts in front of the main frame. the other nuts are hidden inside the plate number, open your plate number first (if you dont know how to open your plate number, ask your father, maybe he knew.) there are also 2 other nuts inside the front signal hole. open your signal first then you will find the nuts. the other 2 last nuts at bumper is under the front tyre.(picture attached at the fender part belowww). how can i describe this? urghhhh !! find yourself la !!

Fine, now open the headlamps. there are 3 nuts , and some sockets. open the 3 nuts like the picture below, then open the sockets attach to the bulb. Arghhh dont asked me how to open the socket. even children below 3 years old also can open it, noob.

I will show you a picture of opening the front hood.

(i open the hood after i take out the headlamps and bumper.. why? noticed that it was a very bright and shiny day, i decided to take out the hood later.. weyy panas oOoo tadi .. hadoi makin hitam la aku yg dah gelap nii )

Now open the fenders. there are 2 nuts at the top frame, 1 near the headlamp, 2 at the door ( 1 under the side mirror inside the door , other 1 at below the body frame, sorry no picture of this 2 nuts)

1 nuts below the headlamp. 1 of the other circle at the fender is where the bumper nuts located under the tyre. you must sengetkan the tyre to loosen the nuts, it makes life easier .. wakakaka.. and then, walla, you have a “togel” kelisa without bodypart.

yes, how about the Mira L700 bodypart? how to put it? It’s easy just like you take out your standard bodypart. Plug and Play, no modification needed. All nuts and screw are at the same location. So, i wont put picture about this, hari dah gelap wehh ,, nak hujan plak, kena pasang set cepat2 !! the arrangement to put back the bodypart are 1. fenders, 2. headlamps, 3. bumper, 4. hood.

walla, the last thing to put , TR hood.

hah .. finished. can’t wait to go to paint shop.

Next time : How to open **** bumper to replace with the bumper below.

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